the perfect day

    I am in love with my daughter Micah!  She means everything to me.  Her laugh is infectious and her smile melts me.  I can’t imagine my life without her.

    Micah is about to have a little sister since we are nearing the end of the adoption process and prepping to bring home another little girl that i’m sure will take alot of my attention, especially at the beginning.  So we have been trying to soak in the last few times we will have Micah all to ourselves, or probably more accurate, she has us to herself.  So we took another trip to Santa Cruz this summer because we all love the beach, the boardwalk and the sound of the ocean as we fall asleep.  We had so much fun at the boardwalk especially since Micah is now tall enough to ride most of the rides.  The look on her face is pure joy as she twirls around or plunges down the hill on the roller coaster.  Funnel Cakes, Corn Dogs, Deep Fried Oreos – not a place to start a diet.

    We tried something new this year.  We rented paddle boards and took a cruise around the Santa Cruz Harbor.  It was great being out on the water for a change.  We even were visited by a sea otter.  Jada will brag that she was an expert from the start,  But it’s easy to be a pro when you don’t weigh anything.  My board was a little wobbly, But still fun.

    Santa Cruz will always be a special place for me, especially when I watch the videos and look at all the pictures.  I love all the memories we made with Micah.  I hope she will never forget our perfect day.


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    lori soto

    Lori Soto is an amazing woman and my wife and I are honored to be her friends.  We are actually friends with her husband Chris and kids Veronica and Christian as well and love spending time with the whole family.  My daughter Micah loves Veronica and wishes she could be her full time babysitter.

    Lori recently earned her license thru the Assembly of God and began speaking to women’s groups  all over Northern California.  She is a great speaker and women can really connect with her and learn from her experiences.  I know my wife has definitely  benefited from her influence.

    Lori was working on some brochures and marketing pieces and needed some photos so we had a little photo shoot at my studio and came away with some awesome images.

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    kellie & travis

    As I am getting ready for another busy year of photo shoots, short films, commercials, and of course weddings.  I began looking back over the past yearI and realized that I had filmed so many amazing weddings.  There were so many venues that would take your breath away, but pale in comparison to the brides  Almost every wedding I was involved with made me wonder if any wedding could possibly be better.

    Of course I have my favorites weddings, days that just seemed to go so perfectly and  I would wish every wedding would go exactly like that.

    One of those weddings was Kellie and Travis’ wedding at the V. Sattui Winery in St. Helena, CA.  Kellie and Travis live in Georgia and came to California wine country to create their dream wedding at a Napa Valley Winery.  Kellie, with the help of Suzy Berberian,  created an amazing atmosphere with flowers by Jessica Switala of Fleurs de France and decor that were perfectly melded with the rustic background of the winery.  Live music for the ceremony by Eloquence String Quartet and The Brian Cline Band rocked it at the reception.  Kellie was absolutley gorgeous from shoes to hair.  Everything was perfect.

    To help me capture that day, Cory Montgomory and Gordon DeWitt are amazing shooters that are so much fun to work with.  I could not have done it without them.






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    dr. ramos

    I had an amazing opportunity to work with Dr. Wilfredo Ramos of Sacramento. Dr. Ramos, an OB/GYN and robotic surgeon, is an incredible doctor who is passionate about patient care. Dr. Ramos was working with a marketing expert, Ramona Russell, who orchestrated a total makeover of his Web site. Ramona also worked extensively to expand Dr. Ramos’s visibility in the community as a physician who genuinely has his patients’ best interest in mind and sincerely cares. Whatever she did worked; Dr. Ramos began receiving new patients immediately with rave reviews after his site went live. A great testimony to the genius marketing and the effectiveness of video to humanize someone through the World Wide Web.

    Here is the video interview we created and the photos I took for his Web site


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    This past Christmas we were blessed to have my grandparents visit us from Jamaica.  They have been missionaries to Jamaica for the past 20 years and having them here in the States is very exciting, especially during the Holidays.  My grandparents have past down  an amazing Christian heritage  to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren which has shaped our values, and who we are and will become.

    It is a tradition in our church and family to dedicate each young child to God.  A proclamation that we intend to raise that child with the same Christian values that we were raised with.  I like to think of it more of a way to keep us parents accountable to all who are present for the dedication of our intentions.  Dedicating a baby is a special time, a real family event that we take very seriously.  My sister (Danette) did not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate her newest little girl, Naomi, while my grandparents were in town.

    For this special occasion the Grandma’s contributed to the event by sewing the dress that Naomi would wear and making the blanket to wrap her up in.  It was a very special time with 4 generations of of girls/women to commemorate Naomi’s dedication.

    Danette brought Naomi by a few days later to get some pictures of Naomi and her hand-made dress and blanket.  All her other 4 children had very similar pictures taken when they were the same age so I had a mission to make them match as much as possible.  It is so strange how much all of her kids look alike too.

    Naomi is so beautiful and we are definitely  blessed to have her in our family.  And no one is better suited to pass on our Godly heritage than her parents, David and Danette.  Love You Guys!

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