a new beginning

    I have been shooting and producing videos for quite a few years with several attempts at trying to make a profit from this amazing hobby.  It almost always seemed like I was just dabbling in the video business, never really committing or more accurately not really knowing what to do next.

    In October 2009, I attended a game changing seminar called ReFrame San Francisco.  There I met some of my idols in the video world (Philip Bloom, Joe Simon) and met some great new friends (David Ethridge, Johnathan Metcalf) who have developed into mentors for my new venture.  I learned so much from all of the workshops and left inspired to dive into the Wedding Filmmaking Industry.  I had shot weddings in the past, and loved it when I had the freedom to turn a wedding film into a creative work of art rather than a simple documentation of an event that had occurred.

    Now I am amping up for all aspects of building a solid video/film business.  Web site, blog, meeting clients, contracts, logo, business cards.  They are all flying at me as you can tell because the list seems to be way out of order.  With the help from my beautiful wife Jada we are going to have the most awesome, cutting edge, creative business.

    I almost forgot,  the name of our new business is RyanBlackFilms.  Keep an eye on this blog and I will post some of my work for you to enjoy.  And feel free to comment or se

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