don’t miss out!

    I ran across this article on one of the blogs i read and really agree with it and have found it is so true

    One thing I always encourage my couples to remember is to not skip out on doing an engagement session.  I know that sometimes people don’t see the point of it, don’t have the time, or would just rather save the $500 or so from adding it in their photo package.  But trust me . . . engagement sessions are worth more than you think!

    When I refer my couples to photographers, I always tell them 2 things;

    1-    I have a huge list of photographer favorites, which always seems to grow as I meet and work with the many amazing photographers that California is blessed with!

    2-    I won’t refer anyone who I do not absolutely love . . . but I can’t tell you who is the best person for you , it’s up to you to meet with the photographers I recommend (that fit your budget & style) because I want you to fall in love with the best one for you!

    Part of the reason I ant my couples to fall in love with their photographer is because this person will be an part of your wedding day.  They will be capturing images of you for 8+ hours and you want to love not only their work. . . but love them.  You just can’t expect to meet them once, hire them, and then have them show up on your wedding day and make magic.  This relationship needs to have some growth to it.

    (insert engagement session) now you have a coup;le hours to get to know your photographer, their shooting style, and they get to know you and how to bring the most out of you in your photos.  This will also make sure on the wedding day you have gotten used to a camera in your face all day, and don’t end up looking like a deer caught in headlights . . . yes I have seen it happen folks! You will also get some wonderful images which will definitely give you much anticipation for working with them again on the big day .. .  after all, that’s when It really counts!

    One thing to remember is that your engagement session should be a fun time for th both of you.  So rock out your “American’s next top model” self, be silly, be stylish, even bring along fun props if you so feel inclined . . . the main thing is to be you!

    From Simply Modern Weddings

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