inaugural 10k super bowl run!

    I did something today that I have never done before.  I competed in a 10k race.  I can’t really remember why I signed up.  I guess I thought it would be something to check off my “to do” or “accomplishments” list.  I had no aspirations to win, my goal was to do it in less than an hour.  I finished in 57:04.  Which is pretty good considering I forgot that 10k is 6.2 miles and not just 6 miles.

    Upped the pace for the last 100 meters

    Part of the fun was running with my brother Richie and  his wife Misty

    The Blacks

    and a gang of Elk Grove Policemen (and women).

    Elk Grove PD

    They were a great group of people who really like to have fun.  And they served as motivation for me since I was representing them with an EG Police shirt.

    Making sure my number was straight

    Jada was there for moral support!

    I was so excited that my wife Jada got up early with me and came to the course to cheer us on.  She initially wanted to run with us, but missed the cut-off to register.  After feeling how cold it was, she was ok with that.

    Richie and Misty

    We were all proud of Misty who has never been a runner, an has only recently decided to run this race with us.  She completed the whole thing and wasn’t the last one to finish!

    We wrapped up the day with a great Super Bowl Party and Misty and Richie’s house.  Met alot of great new friends and had some great food.  Can’t wait for next year to try it again!

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