bay area meet-up

    I had a great time last night at the meet-up for local film makers.  One of the guys I really admire, Philip Bloom, from the UK was there to meet and talk about different projects that he is working on.  He is in the Bay Area doing some work for George Lucus (he made Star Wars for all you non geeks) on his new movie about the first African-American fighter pilots.  The last time Philip was at Skywalker Ranch he made an amazing short film to demonstrate to Lucus and his film making team the power of the new DSLR cameras like the Canon 5d Mk 2 and the 1D Mk 4.

    Anyway he is back at the ranch and wanted to hook up with all of his NorCal friends.  So we met at the FlatIron Saloon in San Rafael, and swapped stories and learned from each other till almost midnight.  I love getting together with people who are like minded.  The fact that we are doing similar stuff and using similar equipment makes us feel almost like brothers.  Philip brought his latest toy he is trying out which is a mic that mounts on top of a camera that records in 5.1 surround sound.

    Philip Bloom with 5.1 mic.

    My good friend Dave Ethridge from San Jose was there as well and was so excited to try out the 5d he had borrowed from a friend.  He is hooked and I am sure that he will be getting one of his own very soon.  I also reconnected with Jessica Ringor of LoveSpun Films.  I met her a few months ago when I went to ReFrame San Fran.  Her and her husband are from the Sacramento area.  She is now using a different DSLR made by Panasonic called a Lumix.  It was very interesting to see a new gadget.

    So I got home at about 1:30 and couldn’t go to sleep because I had a red bull on the way home to keep me awake.  What a mistake.  So now I am blogging to pass the time till I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

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