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    I absolutely love a new year.  A fresh start, a new beginning, and an excuse to just start all over.  Obviously this year is no different.  I have my list of resolutions that I promised myself I would keep (haha) which includes health/weight, fitness, family and spiritual goals.  One thing is for sure, I am taking another strep forward with my business, Ryan Black Films.

    Last year was a good year,  I worked on branding my business with a new look and logo, I stayed pretty busy shooting a lot of portrait sessions of all kinds.  From my little new niece Naomi and all her brothers and sisters to a local doctor who was also working on rebranding and even did some sports photography.  And of course my favorite subject my daughter Micah.  Every chance I get I’m snapping shots of her and trying to get her to pose, not only for business, but memories for the rest of her life.  I’m sure she is getting sick of me,  I know Jada, my beautiful wife, is.

    I also filmed quite a few weddings that would take your breath away because they were so amazing.  The decorations, the lighting, the food and of course the venues.  Some of my favorite spots were The Palace Hotel in San Francisco with the amazing wedding planner Duncan Reyes and The Holman Ranch planned by Carmel’s finest Amy Byrd.  It was hard to  take a break during the 2011 wedding season. I was a second shooter for David Ethridge of AVR Films as often as I was free.  Every wedding shot with him out did the last.  I wrapped up the 2011 weddings on New Years Eve in San Jose shooting a fun Same Day Edit with Johnathan Metcalf of Metmedia.

    So begins a fresh start.  This is my new blog that I’m so glad you found.  I have decided to use this format to showcase my work rather than a web site because I want to everyone to see what I am working on and the web site just wasn’t a good forum for that.  It didn’t help that I never updated it.  But this is a new year with new ideas and new adventures ahead.  You my see some stuff on here that you have seen before, like some of my favorite films I’ve made so enjoy and share!

    So watch for some new posts, and maybe some older older stuff that I absolutely love.  I will be sharing with everyone on Facebook and Twitter whenever I have a new entry/post, or you can subscribe via email if you would like.   Please leave me some feedback if you get a chance,  I would love to hear from you!


    God Bless




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