que sera

    My most favorite film I have ever made started out as an accident.  Micah, Jada and I took a little trip down to Santa Cruz for a few days to enjoy the beach and the boardwalk.  Micah was finally tall enough to go on the kid rids by her self and we couldn’t wait to see the look on her face as she rode.  I started off just taking pictures and it slowly morphed into filming.  More of an experiment with my new camera.

    We had a great time in the sun and headed home.  When I watched the footage back it almost made me cry.  My little girl was getting so big and it wouldn’t be long until she was gone.

    I put together a short film documenting that day and gave it to Jada on the anniversary of Micah’s adoption being finalized September 11th.

    I can watch this movie over and over and it never gets old.  I love that we have these memories recorded to enjoy forever.


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