This past Christmas we were blessed to have my grandparents visit us from Jamaica.  They have been missionaries to Jamaica for the past 20 years and having them here in the States is very exciting, especially during the Holidays.  My grandparents have past down  an amazing Christian heritage  to their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren which has shaped our values, and who we are and will become.

    It is a tradition in our church and family to dedicate each young child to God.  A proclamation that we intend to raise that child with the same Christian values that we were raised with.  I like to think of it more of a way to keep us parents accountable to all who are present for the dedication of our intentions.  Dedicating a baby is a special time, a real family event that we take very seriously.  My sister (Danette) did not want to miss the opportunity to dedicate her newest little girl, Naomi, while my grandparents were in town.

    For this special occasion the Grandma’s contributed to the event by sewing the dress that Naomi would wear and making the blanket to wrap her up in.  It was a very special time with 4 generations of of girls/women to commemorate Naomi’s dedication.

    Danette brought Naomi by a few days later to get some pictures of Naomi and her hand-made dress and blanket.  All her other 4 children had very similar pictures taken when they were the same age so I had a mission to make them match as much as possible.  It is so strange how much all of her kids look alike too.

    Naomi is so beautiful and we are definitely  blessed to have her in our family.  And no one is better suited to pass on our Godly heritage than her parents, David and Danette.  Love You Guys!

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