The Perfect Day

    I am in love with my daughter Micah!  She means everything to me.  Her laugh is infectious and her smile melts me.  I can’t imagine my life without her.

    Micah is about to have a little sister since we are nearing the end of the adoption process and prepping to bring home another little girl that i’m sure will take alot of my attention, especially at the beginning.  So we have been trying to soak in the last few times we will have Micah all to ourselves, or probably more accurate, she has us to herself.  So we took another trip to Santa Cruz this summer because we all love the beach, the boardwalk and the sound of the ocean as we fall asleep.  We had so much fun at the boardwalk especially since Micah is now tall enough to ride most of the rides.  The look on her face is pure joy as she twirls around or plunges down the hill on the roller coaster.  Funnel Cakes, Corn Dogs, Deep Fried Oreos – not a place to start a diet.

    We tried something new this year.  We rented paddle boards and took a cruise around the Santa Cruz Harbor.  It was great being out on the water for a change.  We even were visited by a sea otter.  Jada will brag that she was an expert from the start,  But it’s easy to be a pro when you don’t weigh anything.  My board was a little wobbly, But still fun.

    Santa Cruz will always be a special place for me, especially when I watch the videos and look at all the pictures.  I love all the memories we made with Micah.  I hope she will never forget our perfect day.


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