the great DSLR meet-up

    i had a great time today as I ventured down to Venice Beach for the Great DSLR Meet-Up with Philip Bloom.  A very strange collection of events allowed me to fly down to LAX at no charge to me and drove a friends car back up to Sac as a favor to him.  This made my day much shorter since it only takes 1 hour to fly and 5+ hours to drive.

    A group of at least 100 DLSR users got together to meet new people, to discuss different technique and equipment.  I got to meet the great guys from JAG35

    who make very affordable DOF adapters and now are expanding into DLSR rigs.  I also got to meet Rodney Charters who is the DP for the tv show “24”.  And of course got to talk with Philip Bloom again.

    The best part is just to talk with average people like me who are just as passionate about film and the whole DSLR craze.  Made some great connections and look forward to keeping up with them on Twitter.

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    photo shoot at lcc

    I was asked to take some photos of the Laguna Christian Center Staff for their web site.  It was so much fun.  We have been attending LCC for the past month or so have got to know some of the Pastor’s and staff a little, but sometimes the real personalities come out when you put them in front of a camera.  They were so funny.  i was laughing constantly.  I did provoke them a little, I told them I was an equal opportunity heckler.  I make fun of everyone equally.  No one is safe, but all in good fun.  I just love to see people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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    hiring a professional wedding photographer? is it worth it?

    Karen Scott of Avayah Photography wrote this article, and I just had to share it.

    So many times we run into people who don’t understand why wedding photographers “cost so much”  Well, I ran into a little craigslist ad that I found quite humorous and thought I’d share.  There are PLENTY of people who own a camera and will claim to be a professional.  But are they insured?  Do they have experience with different lighting conditions? Do they have back up equipment? Do they back up all of your images?  Do you want them if they don’t?  Just a little food for thought.  They are your memories.  If you want to leave them up to chance that’s up to you.

    Here’s the post….

    Hi there! My name is $&%()* and I’ve just got a brand new camera for Christmas but haven’t even taken it out of the box. I really want to get into the wedding photography business because I see so many people in Utah are getting married and it looks like easy money. I can’t guarantee that even one photo will turn out looking good but I sure will try. Some pictures will be used for my portfolio and my future website. I start booking appointments this week! I am now booking for Spring and Summer of 2010.

    I specialize in all types of Lifestyle photography including:

    Weddings – You’ll have to pay $15 for gas money outside of Salt Lake City

    My style is classy, elegant and artistic. I would be honored to be part of your special occasion or photography needs considering I have no professional experience. I would love to capture those beautiful moments for you and your family.

    I have so much passion for being a pro wedding photographer! All my friends and family tell me I take great pictures at all our outings and picnics. I’m putting together a web site of all the flower pictures and sunsets I’ve taken so you can see how good I am. I even have a few pics of my pet dog which turned out really great!

    But I don’t have a business license, liability insurance, flashes, extra batteries, or even more than a kit lens that came in the box. If something goes wrong, you’re out of luck. To keep things cheap for you, I won’t even back up any of your images. Less cost for me means less cost for you. Just passing the savings on. I expect to be paid in cash or personal check because I don’t plan on claiming this income on my taxes.

    I know many fun and beautiful locations. I really care about making brides look beautiful! I add glow and selective color to all of my images, giving them the best look possible. No need to hassle with computer programs.

    Bridals and Engagements are only $100. Please trust me to do your wedding. I’ll do it cheap just to build up my portfolio. I will only charge you $250 for your entire wedding day. This is a deal. My camera cost me $700 brand new. All sessions include a Hi Resolution CD with FULL copy right release included, which means you get to print your pictures at Wal-Mart! Here’s the BEST Part! I offer 100% guarantee on ALL my sessions! Don’t pay a cent until you are 100% happy with your pictures!

    I own a camera therefore I can take photos like the pros, who charge alot more. Most brides in Utah spend $2,500 on professional wedding photography. Since I have no experience I’ll only be charging $250 (90% off regular wedding photography prices) to shoot full day wedding coverage.

    Think about it: Pros charge alot of money because they have alot of expenses. I don’t.

    Pros have:
    -a business license
    – multiple cameras
    -thousands of dollars in lenses and flashes
    -hard drives to back up the images
    -people skills
    -color calibrated monitors
    -professional print labs
    -professional albums

    I have none of this stuff so we’ll keep it cheap, just for you!

    I’m not so sure this would bring me much comfort as a Bride…but it does give a little insight to why professionals are worth what they ask.

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    LauraFebruary 28, 2010 - 7:34 am

    I can’t decide if that person is joking or not. It’s almost too ridiculous to think they are serious!! Haha, thanks for the laugh. In my opinion, photos/video are one of the #1 most important parts of a wedding. They were for mine, anyway!

    bay area meet-up

    I had a great time last night at the meet-up for local film makers.  One of the guys I really admire, Philip Bloom, from the UK was there to meet and talk about different projects that he is working on.  He is in the Bay Area doing some work for George Lucus (he made Star Wars for all you non geeks) on his new movie about the first African-American fighter pilots.  The last time Philip was at Skywalker Ranch he made an amazing short film to demonstrate to Lucus and his film making team the power of the new DSLR cameras like the Canon 5d Mk 2 and the 1D Mk 4.

    Anyway he is back at the ranch and wanted to hook up with all of his NorCal friends.  So we met at the FlatIron Saloon in San Rafael, and swapped stories and learned from each other till almost midnight.  I love getting together with people who are like minded.  The fact that we are doing similar stuff and using similar equipment makes us feel almost like brothers.  Philip brought his latest toy he is trying out which is a mic that mounts on top of a camera that records in 5.1 surround sound.

    Philip Bloom with 5.1 mic.

    My good friend Dave Ethridge from San Jose was there as well and was so excited to try out the 5d he had borrowed from a friend.  He is hooked and I am sure that he will be getting one of his own very soon.  I also reconnected with Jessica Ringor of LoveSpun Films.  I met her a few months ago when I went to ReFrame San Fran.  Her and her husband are from the Sacramento area.  She is now using a different DSLR made by Panasonic called a Lumix.  It was very interesting to see a new gadget.

    So I got home at about 1:30 and couldn’t go to sleep because I had a red bull on the way home to keep me awake.  What a mistake.  So now I am blogging to pass the time till I can’t keep my eyes open any more.

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    promo video

    I have had many opportunities to create promo videos for various ministries in our church.  This has now expanded to include a couple of different churches in our area.  I love doing it.  It is like making a mini preview of what people can expect from certain events or activities, a teaser.  This one is my favorite.  I wanted people to know what it feels like at Impact Community Church.   Impact posted this video on their web page for that very reason.  There is so much going on that i wanted to put as much as I could on the screen at once.  So this idea was born, and I loved it.

    Since I made this promo, I have made many others.  Sometimes with the help of After Effects.  I will post more of these soon.

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